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Key Benefits of the Microsoft Access Database

do i need a database? and why?
- thanks to .nhlearningsolutions.com

Microsoft Access, on the other hand, is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), that helps you store information for reference, reporting and analysis

3 months ago
How to Split an Access DB into Front-End/Back-End Components

Easy guide on how to split Access database to separate Data. from the User elements - Forms, queries, Reports, etc. - thanks to www.thoughtco.com

Want to share data on Microsoft Access 2010 with others, but make it so they can't change your interface? This step-by-step article explains how.

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Top 10 reasons to use Access with Excel - Office Support

Use Access to link to your Excel data, and create reports and even forms to manage your data.

When using the Office family of products, should you use Excel or should you use Access to manage your tabular data? A companion article, Using Access or Excel to manage your data, recently discussed the benefits of each product and what they 'bring ... See more

7 months ago
Microsoft Access 2013: A Cool New Rapid Development Tool for the Cloud

good piece on using ACCESS as front end against Azure data in the Cloud..

There are many frameworks for developers that are a good fit for Windows Azure SQL Database, and for that matter on-premises SQL Server 2012.  In addition to the .NET Framework with support for…

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What Types of Things Can I Do with Microsoft Access? | Why Use Microsoft Access? | InformIT

This chapter explains what a relational database is. It then explores all the types of objects available in Microsoft Access.

8 months ago
4 Reasons Why Microsoft Access Is Good For Your Business | BCW IT Blog

The internet age has changed the way we value and utilize our data. With many factors being easily quantified and analyzed, businesses are finding it easier to come up with solutions to a vast array of challenges. A large part of this is because of ... See more

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Automating Outlook from Other Office Applications

You can use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in any Microsoft Office application to control Microsoft Outlook. For example, if you are developing a cross-application solution using one primary application and several secondary applications, you ... See more

1 year ago
Introducing Send Email in Access 2013 web apps - Office Blogs

One of the top feature requests we’ve heard from customers using Access 2013 web apps hosted inside Office 365 is the need to be able to send emails from their apps. We listened and today we’re proud to announce that a new feature called “Send ... See more

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Microsoft Access can help your small business succeed. Learn how.

Learn five ways that Microsoft Access databases can help your small business succeed!